Arcanus Lynx

Chosen master of the Felidae Talisman, a magical necklass which contains the essence of the hell cat known as Lynx.


The Arcanus
Willpower (Type A) – 1PR/Turn | Weakness Detection – successful detection grants (+10 attack).
Magical Amulet (Felidae Talisman) – Bestows Heightened INT B (11) & Telepathy; Range 290in.
Armor B magical*ADR = 92

  • Special Requirement – The Arcanus must speak a magical phrase in order to summon armor & staff (Cost 1 action)
  • Magical Staff (Falignis) – Flame Power – Ranged attack = 1d12 damage, Range = 27in. (S+E) 2PR per attack; costs 1 action to use as a defense. Carrier attack (large blugeon) – +3 to hit; Damage = HTH +1d6 +(1d12 fire damage) 2PR for carrier]
  • Transformation (creature – hellcat “Lynx”) – Special requirement – The Arcanus must spend one action and make a save (d100) against current ADR in order to attempt transformation. Successful transformation costs 3PR

*Armor regeneration requirements – The Arcanus must spend time chanting a magical phrase with the armor summoned. The armor will regenerate at the healing rate of the Arcanus (1.5) per hour chanting. The use of the healing rate on the armor will prevent the Arcanus from regenerating hit points via his healing rate.

The Hell Cat “Lynx”
Flame on – 3PR every 4 turns
Claw attacksHTH + 1d12 (fire) 2PR/claw

  • Takedown – Hit with HTH attack & gain -3 to be hit, +3 to hit. Save vs. AGI to break ‘grab’
  • Rake – Must have successful ‘grab’ through takedown. HTH to hit. Damage is HTH + 1d12 (fire) 3PR/rake

Breath fire (modified flame power) – Powerful cone attack (3 PR):

  • Cone has a width of 2" and can extend to 2" (if target is 1" away, no other target can be hit) maximum of 2 targets can be affected by this attack and requires a successful hit on both targets.
  • Damage for breath attack = 1d12 for single target and 1d8 per target if multiple targets are attacked.

Weakness Detection carries over from the Arcanus – +2 to attack

Important Notes:

  • 1 action required to transform back into the Arcanus
  • If cat is knocked out, transform back into the Arcanus. The Arcanus will be unconscious but retains power & hit points prior to transformation into the hellcat.

Chosen by The Creator to aid in the eradication of a new evil, Arcanus Lynx was given the ancient and forgotten Felidae Talisman. This magical amulet contains untold powers of the hell-beast known as Lynx. When the arcane words of power are spoken, the amulet summons a suit of magical armor and a staff of flames for the wearer of the amulet.

The Felidae Talisman chooses its wearer. The Creator understood the will of the object and united the Arcanus with his destiny. Once donned the Arcanus cannot remove the talisman. Only by the will and strength of a god or the death of the Arcanus can the talisman be removed.

Enter the newly chosen Arcanus! He must strive to dominate the Felidae Talisman and become Arcanus Lynx in order to save the world…

Arcanus Lynx

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